Entry Guidelines

Please note: Spaces in the competition will be limited and entries will be accepted on a first in basis

Competition rules and guidelines:

light bulb brain.jpg
  1. Competition is open to Primary School aged children

  2. No more than one project per student

  3. Entries can be individual or in groups of 2-4.

  4. Entries should:

    • Be safe and not contain any hazardous chemicals or materials

    • Not contain wiring hazards, such as frayed insulation, exposed wires or loose connections

    • Not include fire, flames or explosions of any kind. (If you would like to enter something to that effect please just bring a video recording of your experiments)

    • Not contain foul-smelling or allergy-provoking substances, such as moulds, in open containers

  5. Please ensure your display board is sturdy and can safely stand alone on your allocated desk

  6. Projects must be removed at the end of the competition


  1. Types of entries (go to Ideas and examples for additional information on types of entries):

    • Demonstrations e.g. How does a printer work

    • Models e.g. Solar system, car

    • Invention, idea or prototype

    • Experiment e.g. problem, hypothesis, experiment, results & conclusion

  2. Entrants will be provided with a small desk space to display their work, please take this into consideration when planning your entry.

  3. Please note that there will be no access to electricity, gas or water at the display desks allocated to entries

  4. Eye Heart Science is not responsible for the loss of items - please do not display any items of value

  5. Judging will take into consideration:

    • Scientific method used

    • Scientific knowledge of entry

    • Quality of presentation

    • Creativity