The young investigators program

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Eye Heart Science has designed the Young Investigators program to make science more accessible, engaging and relatable. Running, before and after school, at various schools across the Northern Beaches, the program has been designed specifically for children aged 5 to 12 to provide them with hands on opportunities to explore, develop, and experiment with critical thinking and problem-solving. The program aims to build a sense of community among future problem solvers and to develop sought-after scientific thinking skills through experiential learning, in a safe experienced environment.

How does it work?

The Young Investigators Program runs at a number of schools across the Northern Beaches. Each term the program involves a series of hands on science experiments, demonstrations and activities covering a broad science topic. Participation and engagement throughout the term earns participants badges. Badges are collected and displayed on lab coats as a proud reminder of achievement and skill.  

As badges are collected children progress through the five Young Investigator levels:

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session details

Each term we cover a series of fun hands-on science experiments, activities and demonstrations. Participants will get to create their own experiments as well as try out some fascinating science equipment straight from the lab. All activities help develop skills required for “Working Scientifically” and “Working Technologically” whilst covering various topics of the “Knowledge and Understanding” component of the Syllabus (e.g. physical world, living world, material world etc.).

Sessions are designed to help inspire and motivate the next-generation of critical thinkers by sharing and instilling a passion for science. Ultimately, we want to ignite young minds to think critically, equip them with a problem-solving mindset, and foster an inquiry-based learning culture where asking "why" is encouraged.

who are we?

Sessions are designed and run by Dr Alana Wylie who holds a PhD in immunology and parasitology and has extensive experience working with children. Alana and all Eye Heart Science staff hold current Working With Children Check (WWCC) approval.

Participating schools

The Young Investigators program is currently running at:

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